Why Smart Buyers Get Pre-Approved First

Most sellers will require a pre-approval letter to accept an offer, and you will want to be prepared over other buyers.  Plus, this will let you know where you stand, and how much you can afford to shop for.

Even if you have great credit, great income, etc.; guidelines may not count all your income, or may add to liabilities like that deferred student loan or car you co-signed for a friend.  It’s smart to get turn to an expert.  Remember, we are here to help.


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What happens when I apply?

Your application will be reviewed to meet current program guidelines and loan options.  Then you will be issued a pre-approval letter so you can start shopping.  Be sure to send in your requested paperwork (pay stubs, tax returns, etc.) so that your pre-approval can be validated.

Is there a fee to apply?

No.  It is free, and is our pleasure to help you.

Do you have to pull my credit?

Yes.  Without pulling your credit, you do not have a true pre-approval.  And you may wind up falling for a house that you cannot buy.

Can you use the score/ report I got myself online?

No.  Online credit monitoring services are great for preventing errors and fraud.  However, they provide a “consumer score”.  It is not the same as the tri-merge report lenders use.

Will pulling my credit affect my credit score?

No.  This is a myth.  When shopping for a mortgage, credit agencies do not adjust a score.  This is specifically for mortgages.  That’s not to say that you want to have 20 lenders pulling your credit.  All inquiries to your credit will need an explanation once you have a contract and are moving forward with the mortgage.